Larger Bags



I’ve made a range of larger bags made from upcycled fabric samples. These are handy for those occasions when you want to take more than your purse and phone.  They have six pockets, two of which are external and an adjustable cross body strap.  I found one handy for when I took bits and pieces on a plane with my granddaughters, a few toys, snacks, tissues, wipes, and drinks etc.  These are £45 plus postage.

The vintage style bags are £45 plus postage and inner circle bags are £50 plus postage.

The tunaround bag has more pockets, zip closing and is £60 plus postage.

LARGER BAGS (approximate size 33cm x 37cm)

OTHER LARGER BAGS – VINTAGE STYLE (approximate size 30cm x 37cm)



TURNAROUND BAG (approximate size 26cm x 29cm)

INNER CIRCLE BAG (approximate size 22cm x 34cm)

PATCHWORK BAGS (approximate size 30cm x 35cm)